May 29, 2006

Reductionism - the KEY to understand end times conspiracies - from evolution to 9/11 conspiracy

1.) The concept that complex things can be reduced to, or explained by, simpler or more fundamental things.
2.) Any explanation which seeks to oversimplify something, or to misconstrue something by stripping it of essential aspects.

The title of this thread refers to meaning 1).

End Times Features - Unprecedented Collective Brainwash

One of the features of end times is that never before in the History of Mankind so few people fooled so many.
Moments like those following the discovery of New Worlds, as small groups of soldiers (Pizarro, Cort├ęs) destroyed civilizations (the Inca and Aztec empires) or the whole XX century, in particular the times used to manufacture and keep going for 11 years the two World Wars of the XX century... pale in comparison with the hoaxes of end times, manufactured since in October 1998. (1)

The DOOR - End Times Reductionism is the KEY

The question "Why NOT shown?" is the DOOR. First nuclear attack with the political system explicitly targeting its own citizens is the KEY. The same KEY that opens other doors, beginning with the one at the end of the road.

The DOOR to understand end times conspiracies is formulating end times features as questions. The front gate is: how did so few people fooled so many?Reductionism is the KEY to end times conspiracies. I coined the concept of End Times Reductionism, which I think is the most compact form to describe what you find once you crossed the doors.

Examples of End Times Reductionism - Three fundamental conspiracies

Let's illustrate it with THREE fundamental conspiracies, as planned:
(1) - how was the mental pre-condition required for end times implanted in the brain of the masses?
(2) - how did everyone accept the role of "innocent bystander", the horrors of the tribulation, taken to the uttermost limit?
(3) - how did those "innocent bystanders" failed to understand what's at the end of the road, the final showdown?


The same questions, once the planning was executed:
(1) - how were people fooled into believing in evolution theory?
(2) - how were people fooled into believing that two planes crashed into the WTC towers, that somehow leading them to collapse, "all" of it "live" on TV?
(3) - how were people fooled into refusing to see what World War III is?

The Keys

(1)- check the the result with the correct title - you will find the key in the second page of the discussion, post #54.
The last post in the first page (#50) is the first to get into the right track.
Don't check it before allowing time to think about the answer.
(2) The same way that they were not shown any global footage of the WTC towers collapsing: total control of the media is the key.
(3) They were fooled into believing that there is NO line between Good and Evil, i.e. that there are no principles. Yet the key is that "The Truth is Never Too Horrible" is a principle.


(1) the deadline for the first ultimatum to Serbia. The battle of Armageddon would begin a few months after, 24 March 1999.

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