Apr 26, 2009

Somali pirates, champions of end times reductionism

As far as the Law of End Times Reductionism concerning the poorest: they live in one of the areas of the world where the "empty shelves" stage was first reached.
As far as the fundamental Law of End Times Reductionism, concerning reduction of basic assets, they reduced the largest area (the ocean, safe for navigation) at an unprecedented rate in History.
As far as Reductionism as KEY to End Times Conspiracies:
- they maximally reduced the "War on Terror" Hoax. (1)
- they maximally reduced the "Citizens Disarmed is base for security" agenda. (2)

(1) April 8: Somali pirates seize sixth ship within one week. This time taking 20 american hostages.
What does this have to do with "North Korean ICBM launch exposes ABM Hoax - End Times Reductionism overflying Japan", a few days earlier?

(2) Citizens disarmed agenda maximally reduced: a few shots into the air were enough to prevent an Italian Cruise Ship to become the largest vessel ever to be captured by pirates in History.

Added June 2, 2009: And what does the unprecedented crash of an Air France plane in the middle of the Atlantic has to do with the somali pirates? For the answer, begin by thinking "Laws of End Time Reductionism", not by thinking "pirates" ...
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Apr 17, 2009

"Moon" "landing" hoax 1969 to "elections" in world's largest "democracy" hoax, India 2009

"Moon" "landing" to "elections" in largest world "democracy" and Laws of End Times Reductionism

A - How many years did it take for China wait to reamake with chinese taikonauts the fraud of "space conquest", launched by Soviet "cosmonauts" and American "astronauts"?
B - How many years did it take for to remake in the "elections" in the largest "democracy" in the world, India, the fraud of "votes" cast on electronic voting machines?

Now, which law rules the reduction of the result of A to the result of B?

NAME of the ONLY "astronaut" ever, REVEALED worldwide first in public, 40 years later to the day of the first "moon" walk

Americans were also the victors in the race to the heart of electronic voting machines, with the small step of John McCain, from 5 million votes deposited on touch-screens to 58 million "votes" returned by the software. A small step for John McCain and the Illuminati, but a huge step for "democracy" by illuminati puppets playing head of state around the world.

In our time there is no escape from these laws

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