Apr 16, 2013

Nigel Farage sells patriot Marine Le Pen as extremist

Illuminati agent Nigel Farage, UKIP: his roles include selling France National Front's leader and true patriot Marine Le Pen as extremist

To get who the fake champion of United Kingdom's independence from the EU really is, all you need is ONE of Farage's words to describe another french politician.
More precisely the president, who "coincidentally" (read: illuminati joke) has the name of another EU state, Hollande. [2014 update: joke upscaled with Valls as prime-minister, supposedly born in Barcelona to a Spanish father and a Swiss mother],

Nigel Farage's "idiots": How one word (idiot) illustrates End Times Reductionism
Nigel Farage: "France's Hollande is the number 1 among idiots running countries around the world."
Anyone calling "idiiot" an illuminati member in the role of the country's most powerful politician  (not to mention of a key area like France), is either an idiot or an illuminati agent.
So that that sentence alone exposes Nigel Farage. 
Farage is in factat the high level of the pyramid.

Who appears twice at the side of Nigel Farage
In this conference Farage sits next to the Illuminati Supreme Leader.[1]
In this photo Farage stands again next to the Supreme Leader of the IV Reich.[2]

[1] Farage sits next to the Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus:

[2] Ron Paul, Nigel Farage, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and James Rickards photographed together:

Update 2014:
May 25: An anti-EU party get the most votes for the first time in a EU state.
And that happens not only in one but two countries: National Front in France and UKIP in the UK.
Had you read the previous words and you would know that in reality one of the two leaders is all but a patriot.

March 20, 2013: Illuminati Supreme Leader's name revealed first time in History

Farage's main role is suicide bomber, same as Obama Bin Laden and impersonator of murdered Putin.
Photos illustrating Farage playing idiotic creep:
repost 2014 - http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2557043/pg1

http://www.godlikeproductions.com/fo...age2236321/pg1 -- http://archive.today/5xNok

Mar 22, 2013

Pietro Mennea dies 34 years after becoming fastest white person EVER nd FOREVER

Fastest White ever and forver sets a second END TIME Milestone in REDUCTIONISM with his death.
The first one was his attempt to disarm illuminati from using chemical weapons.

March 21, 2013:
Death of Pietro Mennea 34 years after becoming fastest white person EVER and FOREVER
- Pietro Mennea was not the first champion to die after the illuminati assassinated athletics.
But it was the 1st time that a current European record holder dies due to his age.
And even more significant at a time when the only white in the sprint finals at the WORLD Championships is Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre:
Mennea dies almost THIRTY FOUR years after he became the fastest white person EVER and FOREVER.
"Coincidentally" one of the reasons why the Illuminati created the agenda of falsely accusing of doping the champions of natural sports was to obscure the REAL reason for the dramatic reduction of world records.
From ten a year in the seventies to one each decade now: humana reached the physical limits.

Mennea's other milestone in reductionism was set before he died
The illuminati started the assassination of athletics in Seoul Olympics, 1988, 8 years after Mennea became the 200 meters Olympic champion at Moscow.
The wepon used was to falsely accuse champions of natural sports of doping, an agenda also used to sell "drugs is good for you", starting with the hoax "drugs improve performances in natural sports".
Mennea was the only member of any parliament of the IV Reich to ask for independent doping testing, what proves that he didn't swallow this doping conspiracy.
Now, after Mennea's proposal, did ANY member of ANY parliament of the IV Reich propose ANY measure to disarm the illuminati, starting with ANY of the chemical weapons used against their targets, from sheeple to freedom fighters and natural sports?

Illuminati's wikipedia rewrites the fight to stop the crime of falsely accusing athletes as "lobbying":
Meena also lobbied for independent doping testing

For illuminati chemical weapons to assassinate sheeple, start here:
Sulfites in Wine and Champagne illustrates one misconception about Illuminati religion

Doping conspiracy echoed by NOBODY ever since it was exposed in the web, 1999:
Doping improves performance in running and jumping" is a lie sold by the illuminati through false accusations to the champions.
Goals include:
- Marketing the chemical industry, the agenda of increased use of drugs, or in other words fulfilling the illuminati religion's "Black is White";
- Discourage youth to get into athletics, destroying the principle of "healthy mind in healthy body", required to totally brainwash youth;
- stage justice, again with the illuminati religion's "Black is White": the biggest deceivers in human history (illuminati, black) combat fraud (justice, white);
- Divert attention from the fact that humans reached the physical limits, part of various agendas, starting with "theory of evolution" (hoax created by illuminati).

Mankind now at the reductionist stage, from physical possibilities to life expectancy.
Today to die at age 60 corresponds to the actual life expectancy of the first generation to fully suffer the drastic reduction caused by the illuminati tactics of global genocide.
It began in 1950 with the chemical and nuclear industries: pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and tests from deserts to atolls.
Now it culminates in the transgenic industry, with multiple mutations that exponentiate the effect to almost instantaneous cancer.

Feb 6, 2013

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax - Zero Students - FULL STORY exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt

Endless disinfo as mockery of the human cattle
The original 158-page thread "exposing" Sandy Hook is served by the web of disinfo ...
... to divert from the few lines that say it all.

Examples of Illuminati mocking the human cattle, packaged as "Sandy Hook exposed":

Photos of "Newtown victims" show in fact a couple of years earlier (around 2007) the kids of the chorus "from Sandy Hook Elementary School" that sang “America the Beautiful” at the 2013 Super Bowl.

2. "Eye in the Pyramid at the new "Sandy Hook Playground":

There's only ONE reply to any of the previous examples:
Stop clicking illuminati messages mocking the human cattle by openly telling that "we did it".

Oct 28, 2013: the demolition of Sandy Hook's fake school is completed after 3 days.
Almost one year later after it was exposed and yet NOBODY echoed the REAL story.
The February 2013 article:

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Hoax - FULL STORY exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt
The Sandy Hook shooting hoax is of type "fake victims".
It is first fully exposed by the same who also exposed first the FULL STORY of other acts executed under false flag by the illuminati:
- Oklahoma city bombings, 911; Dunblane, Port Arthur, Virgina Tech and Germany high school shootings, of type "real victims" ;
- Arizona and Oslo "shootings", of type "fake victims".

Sandy Hook operation - FULL STORY - the TWO basic facts:
1Sandy Hook Elementary School had ZERO teachers and students.
Disinfo: 800 children were attending Sandy Hook Elementary School (two days later reduced to ca. 600).
This is the same technique as at the Oslo, Norway shooting hoax, as it was immediately reported that 800 youth were attending the party at Utoya Island.
- no children were killed;
- actors were used in the role of "victims" and "families".
- the stage of this script was planned for a long time. Detail: Newtown was in the script since at least 1995.
- yet another confirmation that Sandy Hook is part of the final "disarm citizens" operation before the BIG BANG.

2Illuminati deliberately reveal that actors were used in the role of "victims" and "families".
Execution of Sandy Hook, Newtown 2012 is a remake of Utoya Island, Norway 2011.
An actor was used as "shooter" in the Utoya script while a purely virtual character was used as "shooter" in the Sandy Hook script, the same as at the Tucson "shooting" 2011.
But this is no basic fact, it is only a detail.
Unlike after the execution of the Tucson and Oslo acts, this time the Illuminati immediately after revealed that actors were used in the role of "victims" and "families".
And this is indeed a basic fact.
- yet another confirmation that Sandy Hook is part of the final "disarm citizens" operation before the BIG BANG .
Goal - similar tactic to the illuminati controlled "Occupy" movement: to detect and eliminate those who will not swallow the official story.

Newtown act and End Times Reductionism pushed to the utter limits
Sandy Hook strikingly illustrates End Times Reductionism reaching the utter limits. Examples:
- school reductionism in illuminati "shooting rampages".
- reduction of available time for the illuminati before the BIG BANG.
- reductionism as key to conspiracies;

Newtown act pushes school reductionism to the utter limits
Connecticut "massacre" is a reductionist remake of:
- the high school massacre in Germany 2009, the last shooting act with real victims: high school to elementary school.
- the Dunblane elementary school masssacre, Scotland 1996.
It is impossible to reduce it more, a massacre in a maternity would have less impact.
Not only because the legalization of abortion, one of the already completed illuminati agendas, reduced to near 0 the emotional reaction to the massacre of babies.
The same tactic of maximizing impact as in the 911 script:
- literally with people jumping off the 90th floor;
- minutes later hundreds of firemen and other first responders nuked by the demolition using mini-hydrogen bombs in basement.
That is why the first act at Dunblane and 16 years later the final act at Sandy Hook are staged at elementary schools.
Sandy Hook reduces Dunblane to the utter limits: not only fake victims but also ... a fake school.

Sandy Hook script reduces the already little time still avaialble for the illuminati before the BIG BANG
If the lie "800 youth were attending the party at Utoya Island" is easy to expose then what to say about the lie "800 children were attending Sandy Hook Elementary School"?[1]
Obviously to expose it is as simple as this:
- go to Newtown and ask in the residential areas around the "Sandy Hook school" if the families had any child at the Sandy Hook "school".
- start with the only condo area (Haley Ln, Jennifer Ln, Elizabeth Cir) and you will no more need to check the slightly over 150 residential houses supposed to supply the "800 children attending Sandy Hook elementary".
First thing you will notice is that most condos are for sale or rent, as for many of the participants in the act it was part of the role to live for a while around the "school" and they have are now leaving town.
Sandy Hook is an illuminati satanist hub.
The few families who have children and are not part of this satanist hub will tell you that their children attend Hawley, Head O'Meadow or Middle Gate elementary.
This alone shows that the illuminati planning has the BIG BANG in script NOW.

Sandy Hook pushes reductionism as KEY to conspiracies to the utter limits
Reduction of basic facts:
Stating "Sandy Hook Elementary School had ZERO teachers and students" as the first basic fact reduces the total basic facts to only two.

Reduction of people not able to confirm it by themselves:
EVERYONE can expose Sandy Hook using the same method as to expose Utoya.

Reduction of time that YOU need to confirm it:
The difference is that while to expose Sandy Hook you already know the streets where to ask, in the case of Utoya you will have to randomly ask people in any of those norwegian small towns pointed out by Last Prophet.
Also to contest the argument that "one small town alone does not yet prove it", you would need to do the test in more than one.
So ANYONE able to expose Utoya is not as immediate as Sandy Hook.

[1] Number of bystanders: Always the same technique:
- Utoya: first announced that close to 1000 youth at the party, days later the number was reduced to 800
- Sandy Hook: first TV reports were 800 children, two days later it was reduced to "Sandy Hook Elementary School has close to 700 students" ...
First number of students is 700, as proven by the Wikipedia version at 19:39, 14 December 2012
reduced to 700 at 15:00, 15 December 2012.
reduced to 525 at 18:46, 15 December 2012.
reduced to 456 at 17:18, 16 December 2012. CNN, Fox News & Co had it at 600 at this point.

Reduction of TIME to solve conspiracies, from 911 2001 to Sandy Hook, Newtown 2012:
It took almost 5 years for the 911 FULL STORY to be exposed first, 2006, by Last Prophet.
But the most incredible was that only in 2004 one of the five basic facts was exposed: HOW did the illuminati manage to have the cattle believe that aluminium planes can cut through STEEL.
FULL story of Sandy Hook exposed after one week.

Reductionism as KEY to conspiracies:
NORWAY massacre HOAX: EVERYONE can prove that 74 out of 77 "victims" never existed
The same with Sandy Hook, but accordingly to the Law on the Reductionism of conspiracies, the time required is reduced.

Sandy Hook and ZERO, the REAL illuminati End Times number:
The 600 series: episodes reduced to ZERO, first and so far only by Last Prophet:
600 members of Bin Laden family = 600 children at Sandy Hook elementary school = 600 police investigating Woolwich beheading = ZERO

Suppress Protest agenda:
"Occupy" movement: all leaders are illuminati agents. Its role was explained 2012.
With the "Occupy" movement masked police dressed as protesters are no longer only used as agents provocateurs but also to help the Neo-Gestapo in the official uniforms process mass detentions.
The detained are sorted and partly selected to feed the extermination camps.
The same type of selection as in hospitals and homes for elderly since 1992, resulting in the largest genocide ever, more than 30 million so far, 20 million in the US and 10 million in the EU.
As always the SIMPLE TRUTH that nobody was willing to believe.

Disarm citizens: terminated by confiscating guns door to door. Immediately after comes the BIG BANG.
After imminent US default on debt:
- termination of collapse of Banks script with annihilation of savings and pension funds of human cattle;
- launch of supervised race war: blacks, hispanics, asians and arabs against whites.
Shortly after, Obama" fully detonates, jailed and stripped. Full scale race war, extended to all areas of the IV Reich with ethnic minorities.
Hitlery, alias Hillary Clinton alias Angela "Merkel"'s half sister (both Hitler's daughers) proclaimed 44th US president, successor of GW Buh;

March 15 2014
You still must endure 35 days of "search for missing Malaysian Airlines" headlines.
We are only 24 days from the act *** Obama arrrested on LIVE TV ***, exact replica of North Korea's Great Leader's uncle.
911 Remake: nuclear Demolition 2011 at Fukushima, fake planes at Easter Sunday 2014 in Jerusalem
Added Easter Monday 2015:
"Osama resurrects in Jerusalem" - why missing Boeing 777 script postponed, modified

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Jan 28, 2013

Reduction of computer geek Bill Gates to actor Mark Zuckerberg

Bill Gates was originally a computer geek. 
The illuminati confronted him with the two steps plan to achieve the ONE BASIC FACT about how illuminati control end ime computers.
Obviously it was not so difficult to have William Gates II accept the deal as to have Lance Armstrong falsely confess two decades later.
This is even more striking if you consider what would have happened had they not accepted 
- Gates would have been eliminated, because it was very important to keep him officially running the business;
- Lance Armstrong would be jailed and also stripped of all assets. And that is most certainly also the prize he will get for accepting the deal with the devil.

One of the pleasant aspects of Bill Gates's role is to play richest man in the world, his most important role in his new life as an actor.
Talk of actors as actor playing fake identity Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook he was obviously as much a computer geek as actor Hussein Obama II.

Reduction of computer geeks and shooting rampages
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a fake identity played by a member of the "Greenberg family". His know-how about computer software is not much higher than Stephen Hawking about Physics.
The Greenbergs are coincidentally the same family that provided some of the main actors for the Sandy Hook, Newtown shooting rampage, in the classic role of evil Jews.
Coincidentally for shooting rampages also reduced from real victims (from Dunblane and Port Arthur 1996 to Virgina Tech 2007 and Germany 2009) to purely virtual victims, beginning with Tucson, Arizona 2011.
Reduction of real computer geeks and real identities to actors because nothing escapes the famous final Laws of Reductionism.

[1] The hoax Bill Gates the richest man in the word censored everywhere, miraculously survived in a repost
Archived first May 2008

The ONE basic fact about the plan to control end time computers

"Obama" is about to FULL detonate, global slaughter in Illuminatziland is about to begin. Start here:
Lance Armstrong "confession" and the END of the WORLD as * YOU * know it:

The "evil Jews did it" has been a major illuminati disinfo technique long before it they had agent Hitler pushing it to the utter limits. 
The Greenbergs are the illuminati actors playing the same role of Larry Silverstein in 911.
Search for WTC 7 at the 911 FULL STORY, exposed first by Last Prophet Matt Marriott: