Jan 28, 2013

Reduction of computer geek Bill Gates to actor Mark Zuckerberg

Bill Gates was originally a computer geek. 
The illuminati confronted him with the two steps plan to achieve the ONE BASIC FACT about how illuminati control end ime computers.
Obviously it was not so difficult to have William Gates II accept the deal as to have Lance Armstrong falsely confess two decades later.
This is even more striking if you consider what would have happened had they not accepted 
- Gates would have been eliminated, because it was very important to keep him officially running the business;
- Lance Armstrong would be jailed and also stripped of all assets. And that is most certainly also the prize he will get for accepting the deal with the devil.

One of the pleasant aspects of Bill Gates's role is to play richest man in the world, his most important role in his new life as an actor.
Talk of actors as actor playing fake identity Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook he was obviously as much a computer geek as actor Hussein Obama II.

Reduction of computer geeks and shooting rampages
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a fake identity played by a member of the "Greenberg family". His know-how about computer software is not much higher than Stephen Hawking about Physics.
The Greenbergs are coincidentally the same family that provided some of the main actors for the Sandy Hook, Newtown shooting rampage, in the classic role of evil Jews.
Coincidentally for shooting rampages also reduced from real victims (from Dunblane and Port Arthur 1996 to Virgina Tech 2007 and Germany 2009) to purely virtual victims, beginning with Tucson, Arizona 2011.
Reduction of real computer geeks and real identities to actors because nothing escapes the famous final Laws of Reductionism.

[1] The hoax Bill Gates the richest man in the word censored everywhere, miraculously survived in a repost
Archived first May 2008

The ONE basic fact about the plan to control end time computers

"Obama" is about to FULL detonate, global slaughter in Illuminatziland is about to begin. Start here:
Lance Armstrong "confession" and the END of the WORLD as * YOU * know it:

The "evil Jews did it" has been a major illuminati disinfo technique long before it they had agent Hitler pushing it to the utter limits. 
The Greenbergs are the illuminati actors playing the same role of Larry Silverstein in 911.
Search for WTC 7 at the 911 FULL STORY, exposed first by Last Prophet Matt Marriott:


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