Jan 12, 2010

Slot machines software specification same as claw machines

Slot machines vs Claw machines 
Handing money to humans reduced to stuffed beasts vs handing stuffed animals - the ONE real difference:
Claw machines handing stuffed animals, mostly to children, and slot machines, handing money, exclusively to human cattle: both rigged using the same computer program specification. 
Only difference concerns its public availability: only claw machines explain in its user's manual, available not only to buyera but also in the internet, how they are rigged.

End Times Paradoxes: exposing slot machines vs exposing Claw machines; the frst impact diversion
The method used to rig claw machines is publicly available, provided by sellers, unlike for casino slot machines.
Why slot machines are rigged is obvious (nothing but software), unlike claw machines.
Reason: a mechanical first visual impact diverts from the fact th that at the end of the day it's software who ultimately finishes the job. 

Slot machines and claw machines v lottery
On the other hand one of the few lines required to specify the state lottery's software reads: NEVER allow human cattle to get the jackpot.
I should know, since I exposed worldwide first in 2004 not only the the lottery software specification but also the other document required to rig state lotteries: how TV drawings are staged.

Added March 2015: this page also includes images of the claw machines's user's handbook:
At some point or another you've probably played one of these claw machines, hoping to score the plush toy of your dreams. But despite your skill at perfectly positioning the claw over the prize and activating it, you've found that the pincers just don't grab tightly enough to pick up a stuffed animal.
It's not your imagination. Those claw machines are rigged. But they're rigged in a surprisingly clever way — and not the way most people suspect.
(Also read: Slot-machine science: How casinos get you to spend more money)
The claw is programmed to grab tightly only part of the time
Some people think the claw machine is so hard to win because the stuffed animals are packed so tightly together. But the bigger reason is more insidious than that: the claw machine is programmed to have a strong grip only part of the time.
This isn't a closely kept secret. It's publicly available information, pulled straight from the instruction guides for the biggest claw games out there. Open the manual for Black Tie Toys' Advanced Crane Machine. Look at page eight, section subheading "Claw Strength":
The machine's owner can fine-tune the strength of the claw beforehand so that it only has a strong grip a fraction of the time that people play.
The owner can manually adjust the "dropping skill," as well. That means that on a given number of tries, the claw will drop a prize that it's grabbed before it delivers it to you.
The machines also allow the owner to select a desired level of profit and then automatically adjust the claw strength to make sure that players are only winning a limited number of times:

How EVERY lottery jackpot where drawings not open to public is rigged (only exception is the Christmas lottery el Gordo, Spain),
Lottery software specification is one out of two documents detailing how the lottery is rigged: 

Added July 2012 - 4 years old lad trapped in claw machine - for dummies
Illuminati mocking (not only) parents allowing their children to play a rigged game

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