Jul 7, 2004

End Times Reductionism: nothing escapes the famous final Laws, ZERO.

One of the Laws of End Times:
End Times Reductionism: nothing escapes the "famous" final Laws:
- air, water, land, continents, oceans, space and Earth itself, starting with its atmosphere;
- as already implied by the previous reductions: clean air, inhabitable land, potable water, natural food. 
- as already implied by the previous reductions: number of species; biodiversty; life expectancy for each species, starting with humans.
- information.
- family, clan.
- humans. Almost all reduced to beasts, the ultimate reduction. [Update 2012: That's why illuminati were able to reduce scripts to only actors and finally nearly all news to scripts].

Illuminati scripts: ZERO emerges as the KEY number
You don't have to go as far in space and in the past as to point out that:
- all stars have in fact the same stellar parallax: ZERO arcseconds.
- ZERO men really walked on the moon.
Some examples from the last 10 years (1994-2004):
- serb atrocties in Bosnia and Kosovo: ZERO civilians killed in the Sarajevo Markale market massacres, 1994 and 1995, (footage with actors) and ZERO victims of the Srebrenica masscre (no footage because there was none), Bosnia; 
ZERO albanian victims of Racak massacre, Kosovo, 1999 (footage shows terrorists killed in combat).
- state lotteries: ZERO real jackpot winners or in other words not one but ZERO out of 176 million probablilities to hit the jackpot, ever since drawings are no longer public; 
- 9/11 2001: ZERO airliners, or in other words ZERO passengers.

Laws of End Times stated first and so far [Jul 2014: ten years later] only by Last Prophet 

2007: Now almost everyone has accepted the Mark of the Beast.
Last Prophet's words: "coincidentally" #1 and #2 of the MOST important google search any person can do.[Aug 2014: unchanged!]
"Coincidentally" not only the two most important pages written in the short story of the web but also one of them is the most horrible page ever written.

Mar 2012: "Coincidentally" the real preppers emerged in societies that partly escaped some of the previous reductions. Most relevant other than the human condition: the family, the clan.

2014: Nearly all major "news" stories reduced to actors only: from 911 airliners to Malaysia Boeings 777 and beyond:
wars, terror attacks, people trapped, jailings, arrests, sieges, funerals, deaths, births, elections, suspicious and normal accidents, virus, leaks ...

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