Jul 29, 2014

Major news stories reduced to actors only at the end of the show: 911 airliners to Malaysia Boeings 777

As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism:
Not only Illuminati scripts but nearly all major "news" stories reduced to ZERO non-actors.

Fake passengers: From 4 US airliners in 11th September 2001 to 2 Malaysia Airlines in 2014
The 2004 article "End Times Reductionism: nothing escapes the "famous" final Laws" signals the emergence of ZERO as the key number of illuminati scripts, a consequence of increasingly using actors.
The last example in the article's list was the "passengers" of the fake airliners of 9/11 2001, one of the acts of the climax of the "terror attacks" series.
But 11th September 2011, same as the Oklahoma City bombings 1995 or later Madrid 2004 and London 2005, still included real people, starting with the murdered:
- from those jumping off the window of the WTC towers ...
- to first responders still dying due to radiation from the mini-nukes in basement used for its demolition. 

This is no longer the case in recent episodes involving "passengers" of airliners. Only actors whatever direction you look at:
- From the ritualistic Asiana Airlines fake crash at San Francisco Airport 2013 ...
- to Malaysia Boeing 777 either missing in the Indian Ocean or downed over Ukraine 2014, both staged to advance key agendas.

2007: Illuminati scripts: the begin of series totally staged with actors.
All episodes reduced to ZERO people not part of the script.
Terrorist attacks in the US and EU was the first such series, starting 2007 in the UK, Glasgow Airport, two years after the 7/7 London bombings, still with real victims.
As for the shooting sprees series, it started 2011 with Colorado USA and Oslo Norway.4
In other words: for both series the end of real victims. 

Ongoing End of Show 2013-2014: ANY stories massively covered by media are totally staged with actors.
From news to reality shows, nothing but actors playing scripted roles. The real Truman show is completed during its termination.
- deaths: from ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya to Philipp Seymour-Hoffman and Peaches Geldof alias Lady Gaga alias Amy Winehouse.
- funerals of former heads of state: from Nelson Mandela in South Africa to Ariel Sharon in Israel, staged almost in parallel.
Note: Mandela is still alive because the role is played by Morgan Freeman who also plays Kofi Annan. Impostor impersonating Sharon (murdered 1975) died in 2006.
- births: starting with impersonators of Prince William and Kate Middleton becoming parents of Prince George.
- elections: from Germany (or any other EU state) to Iran 2013.
- leaks: from transsexual soldier Bradley Manning to NSA computer expert Snowden.
- trials: from Blade Gunner Oscar Pistorius in South Africa to Berlusconi in Italy.
- jailings, arrests, sieges: from Puzy Riot jailed in Russia to butler jailed by his pope at the Vatican; from Assange under siege at the Ecuador embassy in London to Sarkozy arrested in France.
- suspicious accidents: from explosion in East Waco, Texas, to train derailment at Santiago de Compostela Spain, 2013. 
- normal accidents: from Schumacher in coma to Merkel's leg injury, staged in parallel Jan 2014.
- terror attacks: from Boston marathon 2013 to Russia and Lebanon, staged in parallel Jan 2014.
- trapped people: from miners in Chile to scientists in a ship in the Antartic.
- wars: from Assad vs Islamic State in Syria to Israel vs Hamas in Gaza. 
- rebels: from the Taliban and ISIS to the leaders of the Donetsk Republic installed by fake Putin May 16 2014; 
- virus: from avian flu to ebola.

Special case: people forced to play a role
This category is illustrated by the series of champions of natural sports falsely accused who ended up confessing what they didn't do.
It started with with a BANG Ben Johnson, 1988 and had its climax with Lance Armstrong, 2013. Usain Bolt is scripted for the Grande Finale, in parallel to the confession of actor Obama, who obviously doesn't belong in this category.

Real events on the news
This is reduced to little more than natural catastrophes. which now are actually caused most of the times by the reduction of Earth (example: earthquakes caused by reduction of water and oil, now also by fracking).
As for the real ongoing World War III, an event that can't be totally censored, the roles are rewritten.
Same as Afghanistan since 2002, with mmujaheddin renamed to the Taliban, the nazi puppets that they were fighting until the NATO invasion 2001: 
- genocidal regimes of Assad in Syria and Malki in Iraq supposedly fight ISIS (fake rebels) not the real rebels.
- War in Novorussia is Ukraine vs Russia not the genocial Kiev regime vs people of Donbass (fake Putin actually helps the Kiev nazis).
To complete the picture, the audio will rewrite the vicitims as culprits or "Black is white" in the very rare cases where images of real events are broadcasted.

2004 - End Times Reductionism: nothing escapes the "famous" final Laws:

SIMULATED REALITY: BIG BROTHER type of shows are the reverse of the 1998 film "TRUMAN SHOW"

All fake: Malaysia Boeing 777 downed over Ukraine = Boston Marathon bombings: "Putin" in the MAIN role to convince the audience that these are real events.
WHY it was staged:

Syria: Illuminati media shows only fake rebels (ISIL), fake fights and Assad & his butchers, totally censors reality (real victims, real rebels, real bombings) 

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