Jan 26, 2015

Mariupol false flag for dummies: 5 seconds at a Donetsk funeral it's all it takes

Mariupol false flag for dummies - 5 seconds at a Donetsk funeral it's all it takes to get the FULL story
Illuminati religions commandment of mocking and slaughtering the human cattle: Illustrated by 5 seconds of a video.
End Times Reductionism: 5 seconds that are also all it takes to expose the FULL story of the Mariupol false flag, the first time since 2009 where the victims are not actors.

24/01/2015, Donetsk - Real vs Fake funerals
Faces of the people attending a real funeral, the 12 victims that were torn apart inside a bus in Donestk by nazi shelling.
Contrast it with the faces of people attending the fake funerals of the dozens of events totally staged with actors since the last false flag with real victims in the IV Reich, the Germany school shooting 2009.

Traitor Zakharchenko, mocks people from Donbass: 5 seconds is all it takes to get the FULL STORY of the Mariupol false flag
The Donetsk leader installed by nazi agent "Putin". at the funeral of the 12 bus victims in Donetsk, states. "Today we started the offensive in Mariopol" (at 2:15 of the video). 
The mourning and silent crowd erupts in jubilation. 
Apparently 4 months of constant shelling by the nazis have finally come to an end. In other words: the end of the Minsk "truce", signed by the traitor to prevent the defeat of the nazis, starting with the fall of Mariupol, inevitable as of Sept 4, 2014. 
Yet once again most people in Donbass don't get what's really going on; they are not only being mocked but also trapped by a traitor.

Mariupol false flag for dummies
1. Traitor Zakharchenko states that "we we started the offensive in Mariopol".
2. As the freedom fighters begin to enter Mariopol from the east, the nazis stationed at Stary Krim in the west and in the north launch a barrage of bombs over the population in the east, killing dozens of civilians.
3. Zakharchenko orders the immediate halt to the assault.
4. Nazi controlled organizations playing "independent" (OSCE & co) "confirm" that shells came from the east.
5. Zakharchenko states that he didn't order an attack. 
The most primitive tactic of a suicide bomber in order to discredit himself: to contradict himself.
In other words: the most effective psy-op to suggest to the audience that "the rebels did it".

24 Jan 2015 - 5 seconds, starting at 2:15 of the video, is all it takes to get it:

22 Jan 2015 - 12 passengers murdered in a bus.

24 Jan 2015 - The same day as civilians bombed at Mariupol, Zakharchenko detonates his "we did it" suicide bomb by declaring that they have attacked Mariupol.
Illuminati media, in this case iranian "Press TV":
"The leader of Ukraine’s self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, has announced the beginning of a major operation against the government-held city of Mariupol.
“Today, we launched an offensive against Mariupol,” Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency quoted Zakharchenko as saying on Saturday.
Earlier in the day, at least 30 people lost their lives when Grad rockets were fired into the city. Nearly 100 people were also wounded."

25 Jan 2015 or one day later: Zakharchenko  says "we are not goint to storm Mariupol". 
RT same as all totally controlled russian media, immediately deletes any truth comments, "reports" about the Mariopol false flag. Link includes footage of the terrorist attack:
"The Donetsk militia has been ordered to suppress Kiev’s military positions to the east of Mariupol, but is not going to storm the city, said Donetsk Republic head, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, accusing Kiev of a false flag operation and shifting the blame."

More on the Mariupol false flag:
Novorussia: Nazis bomb civilians, fake Putin protects Ukraine's KEY steel industry.
Jan 25 2015 - Audience reduced to human cattle, unable to add 1+1, allows the illuminati to go as far as to use Mariupol to "prove" that rebels also shell civilians.

Donetsk Republic: May 16 coup: fake rebels sent by "Putin" take control of the leadership, after attacking the real rebel leaders, the referendum organizers:

"Putin", Zakharchenko, Plotnitsky are not only traitors but also assassins:from commander Bednov and mayor Ishchenko to militias

From Oslo to Sandy Hook shootings, from Boston Marathon bombings to Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, not to mention the THREE Malaysian Airliners (where at this point the first one is still "missing" and the last one is still "probably an accident"): ALL totally staged with actors.
Start with AirAsia, the last Malaysia plane:

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