Apr 15, 2015

Hillary Clinton millions of fake twitter followers:what really matters is the number of real ones

April 15, 2015
Hillary Clinton millions of fake twitter followers, "exposed" by Daily Mail
Illustration of how the half-truths psy-op technique in end time is ultimately reduced to 1%.

"Exposing" millions of fake to divert from the few real ones
Daily Mail "exposes": "More than 2 MILLION of Hillary Clinton's Twitter followers are fake or never tweet".
Explained for dummies: psy-op using the half-truths technique to convince the audience that "44 per cent of Hillary's 3.6 million Twitter fans are real people who participate in the platform".
Reality: all but well under 25,000 of Hillary Clinton's Twitter followers are fakes, created by computer software, more precisely by illuminati controlled Twitter.

What the real number of Clinton's followers tell about you
More than Hillary Clinton's millions of fake twitter followers: the real number of her followers is all it should take to prevent you to click again any "news" about the US presidential "candidates".
A real number that you can confirm with your own eyes by simply checking who supports Clinton. The problem is that illuminati have reduced to near zero your capability to logically think.

Diversion in duo pack: from real twitter followers to total media control
"When she was secretary of state, her agency paid $630,000 to bulk up its Facebook likes, but pledged to stop after she left". - for dummies
This illuminati joke illustrates another psy-op technique: "Deny illuminati's total control of mass media ".
In other words: the denial of what allows the illuminati to multiply votes of US presidential candidates at will, other than total control of "politics".
Note: illuminati also force Google, the only exception to what they totally own, to take some actions, from removing youtube videos to change some search results.

All quotes from this "news" article, 14 April 2015

5 days later, on Hitler's anniversary, the 100 multiplier milestone for votes, set by his older daughter Hillary Clinton at the NY primaries

UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals what do illuminati TOTALLY control

Capability to logically think reduced to utter limits: "Mind control" and End Times Reductionism

All candidates are actors, playing a role, same as all major "players" in the stock "market".
Unlike ALL 30 Companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Google is not controlled by the illuminati.
Suicide bomber Trump v terminator Clinton in head to head race before Trump self-detonates into disgrace:
for the only real polls confirming what you can with your eyes see Youtube views and likes not FaCIAbook computer generated likes

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