Sep 3, 2015

Kentucky clerk Prison Seamstress Same actress

Same actress plays "Kim Davis, Kentucky clerk still Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses" and "Prison Seamstress Joyce Mitchell, who pleaded guilty to helping two inmates escape".
Reductionism: Simulated reality:
All headlines now stated with actors, the reverse of the 1998 movie "Truman show".
Reductionism: elapsed time between roles:
Contrast the actor playing Chris Stevens, who stepped again on stage in another role a decade later, with actors now stepping on stage in other roles weeks later.

Joyce Mitchell
Kim Davis
Kentucky Clerk Still Won't Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

How fake folks are created:
Chris Stevens played by the same actor who played long time Rep. Gary Condit from the Chandra Levy hoax murder.
"Dead" US ambassador in Libya lived less than 2 years:
Part of Obama's detonation to let terninator Hiitlery Clinton finish the job:
Illuminati Actors: Chris Stevens Libya ambassador lived only 2 years

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