Oct 18, 2007

Reduction of the BIG LIE known as Space Travel, striking example of End Times Reductionism

The Space Travel Hoax was exposed first by Matt Marriott (1). It is a particularly striking example of End Times Reductionism:
- despite the fact that the ultimate goal was already achieved in January 1979, with the "Voyager 1 reaches Jupiter" hoax, it has been continued for now more than 28 years. At the end, now, it runs as the "spacecraft" New Horizons reaching the utter limits, i.e. Pluto.
- the ultimate goal of this hoax is to provide "evidence" for the very first layer of the illuminati "science" pyramid of lies. So what is supposed to be the perfect picture of achieving total brainwash of the "human cattle" is in fact the picture of the whole hoax, reduced to its most primitive form: the complete pyramid of lies visible at a glance.

(1) Space Travel Hoax ultimate goal exposed worldwide first by Matt Marriott - less than 24 hours after it was exposed, the illuminati had to ban Matt Marriott

(2) On other 2007 illuminati jokes (3) packaged as news:  Planet Pluto reduced to whatever.

(3) What are illuminati jokes? http://illuminati-jokes.blogspot.com/

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