Nov 21, 2007

Heliocentric Big Lie reduced to minimum, worldwide first by Matt Marriott  

Heliocentric Big Lie, the "mother" of all Big Lies taught today as "science".
Now reduced to minimum, e.g. to one single fact which is visible with one single image.
Revealed worldwide first by End Times Prophet.
The Image:
The Fact:
If Heliocentrism would be true then the _ _ _ Z would NOT go west.

Poster asks (1):
Are you by any chance talking about the Coriolis Effect?
Posted Image

My reply:
Coriolis Effect is a hoax.
Ironically that globe displays all kinds of arrows except those that matter...
The word is an acronym for them.

(1)  from this thread:
(2) Thank you, Google. This page is #1 since 2007:

Time lapse photography first reduced the heliocentric hoax to one image.
The circular movement of stars on time-delayed pictures cannot be created by Earth’s rotation. Reminder: according to heliocentrism during that time lapse the Earth has also moved about a million kms, supposedly at 108,000 km  and hour on its journey around the Sun.
On time-delayed pictures of stars, the Polaris star almost doesn’t move. The only way it can work is if both the Earth and Polaris don’t move. The Earth is therefore the center of the universe and Polaris its end.

More basic riddles reduced by End Times Prophet - these ones were reduced from near 0 to 0: stellar parallax and state lottery jackpots. ... greatest-illuminati-science-hoax-ever

Illuminati miracles - stellar parallax was the first one.

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